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What is a Conservative?*


Support for Rule of law
Removal of elected officials who don't follow the Constitution
Limited Executive Orders, with laws written only by Congress
State and local control of education
Support of the Second Amendment
Separation of powers
Support of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments
Small government with less regulations
Lower taxes
Limited grants and mandates
Honest elections with valid voter ID
Color-blind justice
Support of the American Dream
Enforcement of Immigration Laws
Free-market Capitalism
Responsible Development of Natural Resources
Opposition of U.N. Agenda 21

* The Conservative Party of Saugerties' Platform follows the basic tenets outlined by the Conservative parties of New York State and Ulster County.  The Conservative Party of Saugerties will support members of the Party running for political office at all levels of elective office.

To read the platforms of Ulster County and New York State,
click here.

(Ratified December 15, 1791)

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