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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the Saugerties Conservative Party's website. We hope you will decide to become a Conservative, too, and help us return our government back to its people, one town at a time and beginning here in Saugerties.

Conservative thinkers want to be heard. If you feel that you are conservative, join us and help make it happen— let's make this country great again.

Navigating the site is easy. The primary pages are listed on the bar across the top of most pages. Some of the primary page tabs have a drop-down menu showing "sub-pages" that relate to that primary page. For example, the Information page has sub-pages for Conservative Party Principles, Becoming a Member, Subscribing and the Site Plan. A Calendar of Events can be found as a sub-page of News and Events. Several pages are still under construction.

We will be adding polls and additional pages at various times in the future as the need arises. For instance, candidates in upcoming elections will be presented for review and consideration.

This page displays the contents of the site. Clicking the torches lead to the various sections while the smaller flags lead to the specific pages or photo albums.

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The home page to SaugertiesCP. com, the Conservative Party of Saugerties' website [click the torch to return to the Home Page]


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SaugertiesCP. com's blog, the Conservative Party of Saugerties' weblog, writing the Conservative point of view [click the torch to visit the Blog Page]


Around the Site
This page, Around the Site, details the contents of the Conservative Party of Saugerties' website with brief descriptions [no clicking required]


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The page that offers information about the Conservative Party and being a conservative —or go directly to the sub-pages [click the torch to visit the Information Page]

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Principles—Principles of the Ulster County, New York State and American Conservative parties.

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Become a Member—Instructions on how to join the Conservative Party

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Notify Me—Sign up to be notified when there are new posts on the website


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News and Events
The "cover" page to newsworthy items and upcoming events relating to the Conservative Party [click the torch to move to the News and Events Page]

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News Articles—Newsworthy items on interest to Conservatives

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Calendar—List of events listed in calendar form


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Elections by the Year
The Elections page conveniently places all election information in one place, grouped by election year [click the torch to move to the Elections Page]

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The 2023 Election Year

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The 2022 Election Year

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The 2021 Election Year

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The 2019 Election Year


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How They Voted

Visit this page to familiarize yourself with our elected officials' voting records [click the torch to visit the page]