. . .Returning Government to the People, One Town at a Time
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Useful Links, Addresses and/or Telephone Numbers

Ulster County Board of Elections
284 Wall Street
Kingston, New York 12401
Telephone: 334-5470
Fax: 334-5434
Website: http://www.ulstercountyny.gov/elections

Ulster County Conservative Party
Website: http://ulstercountyconservativeparty.com/

New York State Conservative Party
Website: http://www.conservativepartyny.org/

American Conservative Party
Website: http://americanconservativeparty.com/

The Heritage Foundation

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To join the Conservative Party, you will need to fill out a New York State Voter Registration Form. This form may obtained from the Ulster County Board of Elections (address and telephone number shown above), as well as the Post Office and/or Town Clerk's Office, or you may download a PDF copy from the Ulster County Board of Elections website at:


If you do not have a computer and are unable to get to the Board of Elections, please contact one of the Conservative Party officials for further assistance.
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