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The 2020 Ballot is Here

The 2020 Ballot is Here

The 2020 ballot is here. The Ballot shows Conservative endorsements and the offices for which they are running.

It is suggested that you read the instructions at the right side of the ballot, paying special attention to the one with the arrow.

Click on the ballot below to enlarge.

2020 ballot

The Last Few Days


The Final Weekend
Don't Forget to Vote

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Read the final week's Letters-to-the-Editor from The Saugerties Times
Letters shown by candidate (
click here to read)

Ulster County Executive Race
Learn more about our candidate,
Jack Hayes
from The Saugerties Times
(click picture below to read article)

Ulster County Comptroller
Learn more about our candidate,
Lisa Cutten
from The Saugerties Times
(click picture below to read article)

See the mailer
from District 2 candidate,
Al Bruno

Andreassen vs. Costello


New article, "Challenger Andreassen, incumbent Costello grapple for Saugerties' top job," by Christine Coulter (October 31, 2019) points out differences between the candidates….click here or the picture above to read it here.

This Town needs a manager—with an abundance of knowledge and experience, Paul Andreassen is the one who is most qualified to be Supervisor. In addition to the above, to read more of what Paul Andreassen has to say, what he plans to do, and why you should be voting for him for Supervisor, check out the following (click any one of the items to read):

and videos:

And to help Paul achieve his goals, vote for Mike Ivino, an excellent choice for councilman. See the following:

Vote for Ivino," George Heidcamp (a letter)
Mike Ivino's Comments Regarding Dumping Foreign Debris in Saugerties
Mike Ivino on the Animal Shelter, a Letter-to-the-Editor

and video:

Mike Ivino's introductory comments at the League of Women Voters' Forum

Let's vote for Paul Andreassen and Mike Ivino, two gentlemen who stand for people, not politics.

Great Ad and Article Regarding Soros and Clegg


Read the new Kingston Freeman article about (George) Soros-funded PAC to benefit Clegg, reprinted here—click the newspaper, below



In connection with the above article, there is also further breaking news [GOP files complaint]: click newspaper below to read article from Mid-Hudson News

Service to Town, County, State and Country
Another great Paul Andreassen sign,
one that paints the complete picture in just a few words
(click photo to enlarge):

pa_dedication sm

At the Request of Paul Andreassen

The following notice regarding an annual dinner honoring all Veterans and Military Personnel is being posted here at the request of Paul Andreassen, candidate for Supervisor.

(click to enlarge)

Speaking of Paul Andreassen: