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2023 Political Calendar

For those interested, the 2023 Political Calendar has been released and is available here.

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Zach Horton Newsletter No.10

Zach Horton's Newsletter No.10 is available
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Zach Horton Newsletter No.9

Zach Horton's Newsletter No.9 is available
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Zach Horton Newsletter No.8

Zach Horton's Newsletter No.8 is available
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Mike Kavanaugh Announcement

Mike Kavanaugh announces his candidacy for Ulster County District Attorney
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Seeking Candidates

The Republican and Conservative Committees are jointly seeking candidates for the 2023 elections for Saugerties. For further information, see the Parties' Release.

Election Day

Today is Election Day!
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Weekend Rallies

This is the final weekend before Tuesday, Election Day, with last minute ads and last minute rallies.


This last minute ad comes from Pat Sheehan—Stop the socialist and elect a moderate,
A choice that's a "no-brainer."

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Message from the Ulster County Conservative Party
Vote for Judge Marcelle—only vote for one candidate
Do not make any other selections

Remember, only vote once for the Judge…although you may vote for up to three candidates, only vote for Tom Marcelle and only vote once….adding a second or third choice will be the equivalent of adding Republican-Conservative votes to the Democrat side of the contest.


There were two rallies (locally) this weekend, one in Modena and the one at the Village Pizza, in Saugerties. Photos from both are available here in the brand new "The Rallies" album or you can click 2022 under Photo Albums on the navigation bar above to see both albums (Campaign Album and Rally Album).

Watch videos associated with the Village Pizza Rally either from the album or the video list here.


Joe Pinion posted this today—it's inspirational and well-worth reading. (click here or below to enlarge)


Final Commentary

sm_arrow-downEverything You Need to Know About Elections 2022 and the Candidates:

  • BIOGRAPHIES: Read candidates' biographies to learn about their experience and qualifications [here]
  • CAMPAIGN ADS: See candidates' campaign ads to learn where they stand on the issues [here]
  • INTERVIEWS & DEBATES: Watch candidates' interviews to see and hear them [here]
  • EARLY VOTING: Early voting information showing dates, times and places for voting [here]
  • BALLOT: Sample ballot with voting suggestions and notes regarding both the ballot and the Proposal [here]