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Putting Up Signs with Dan Ellsworth (click here)
Ulster County Republican Committee Dinner (
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Angie Minew and Pete Lopez Campaign Together (
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Chair and Vice-Chair at Angie Minew’s Fundraiser (
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Signs of the Time (
3rd Annual Esopus Neighborhood Pig Roast (
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Out and About Campaigning (
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Legislative photos submitted by Mary Wawro (
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UC Conservative Party Family BBQ (
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Party Leaders

Republican Party Chairman,
Joe Roberti, Jr. (left)


Conservative Party Chairman,
George Heidcamp (right)


On June 20th the Ulster County Conservative Party held its annual Family Barbeque, complete with great food and a live band. Many Conservatives and Republicans attended and enjoyed food, entertainment and a short introduction by Ulster County District Attorney, Holley Carnright.

[click here to watch video of Holley Carnright]

Later that evening, Saugerties’ Republican Party held an “Italian Night” in Glasco.


Breakin’ Justice Band

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Holley Carnright (U.C. District Attorney) with Dean Fabiano (County Legislator)

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Conservative Party candidates—Gaetana Ciarlante, Angie Minew, Holley Carnright, Mary Wawro and Alllyson Barbaria

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Gaetana Ciarlante (Supervisor candidate)

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Fabiano, Runk and Wawro (Ulster County Legislators)

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From left to right: Gaetana Ciarlante, Angie Minew, Holley Carnright and Mary Wawro, all candidates in 2015

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Conversation between Gaetana Ciarlante (candidate for Supervisor), Mike Dovich (Republican Chairman, Marlboro) and Bob Morales

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Attendees at Family Barbeque

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Holley Carnright ((left, Ulster County District Attorney), Nancy Paroli (Plattekill Chairwoman) and Ken Ronk (Shawangunk legislator)

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Saugerties Town Board Member, Bill Schirmer, attended

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Dean Fabiano (Ulster County Legislator )

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Ulster County D.A. Carnright with Chairman Heidcamp

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Legislative photos submitted by Mary Wawro
(click on each photo to see an enlargement)

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* Fourth of July parade, Gaetana’s very first sign carried over

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* Fourth of July, Gaetana Ciarlante for Supervisor

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* Angie Minew for Legislator

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* People dressed in period costumes.

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* Great float bedecked in red, white and blue

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* Red and white balloons on Angie Minew’s float

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* Gaetana Ciarlante held first Constituent Day at Glasco Mini-Park

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* Allyson Barbaria, candidate for Town Board, with George Amedore at Ivy Lodge

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* Discussing issues with visitors at 1st Meet and Greet

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* Cindy Travis talks about her concerns to Gaetana

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* Refreshments!

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* Political conversaiton

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Saturday, August 22: Angie Minew, Conservative Party candidate for Ulster County Legislator in District 2, teams up for some good food, entertainment (Joe ‘Elvis’ Borelli) and political conversation with U.S. Congressman, Chris Gibson, at the 3d Annual Esopus Neighborhood Pig Roast (Sponsored by Town of Esopus Republican Committee).

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Saugerties Food Pantry presented an award to Angie Minew (Conservative candidate for Ulster County Legislator in District 2) for her continuous service.

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Dan Ellsworth, Conservative candidate for town councilman, spends the day placing campaign signs around Saugerties.

Please support Gaetana Ciarlante, for Town Superviosr “A TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

VOTE ROW C  …     We will not sit this one out regardless of the opposition and press bashing...….    Gaetana and the Conservative Party refuses to be bullied by the “former Republican leadership and his cronies.”    She will proudly continue carrying the Conservative banner and promoting conservative values.   She feels strongly that voters have a right to have a choice in who they want as their Town Supervisor.  

You go girl, you have a lot of support out there…keep up the good fight!

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Chair and Vice-Chair Attended Angie Minew’s Fundraiser

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Pete Lopez came to town and campaigned with Angie Minew, candidate for County Legislator in Saugerties’ District 2. Below is an album of photographs of the occasion. Hover over and drag or double-click righthand page corners to advance to the next page (or just use your arrow keys)—there will be no righthand corners on the last page of the album.


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Ulster County Republican Committee Dinner

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Pictured above (from left to right) are: George Heidcamp, Chairman, Saugerties Conservative Party; Pete Lopez, New York State Assemblyman; Angie Minew, candidate for Ulster County Legislator from District 2; and George Amendore, New York State Senator

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Pictured above (from left to right) are: Ed Gaddy, Ulster County Conservative Chairman; Angie Minew, candidate for County Legislator for Saugerties’ District 2; and Carl Belfiglio, Ulster County Legislator