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List of Letters-to-Editor

An Independent Voice, by: Joseph Roberti, Jr. [read]

Ciarlante: Ciarlante for the Record,” by: Gaetana Ciarlante [read]

“Ciarlante’s Record of Service,” by: Richard O’Gorman, [read]

Minew Deserves a Chance,” by: Alex Alvarez [read]

Minew’s Merit,” by: Elmer LeSeur [read]

Saugerties Needs Minew,” by: Pete Lopez (NYS Assemblyman, 102nd Dist.) [read]

The Clear Choice,” by: James Bruno [read]

The Right Stuff,” by: Suzanne VanWagenen [read]

Time for New Faces,” by: Ed Gaddy (Chair, UC Conservative Party) [read]

Vote for Change,” by: George Heidcamp (Chairman, Saugerties Conservative Party) [read]


Final Week of 2015 Election Season - Letters to the Editor

An Independent Voice

On Election Day, Saugerties Republicans have a chance to take control of the Town Board by electing Allyson Barbaria. Allyson is the only registered Republican seeking a town government position on Nov. 3.
Allyson is a married mother of three and a lifelong Saugerties resident. Her background in the accounting field will help her hold the line on property taxes. Allyson will be a strong, independent voice who will not be a rubberstamp for wasteful spending increases. She will also use her elected position to fight the epidemic of dangerous narcotics invading our community.
I urge all Saugerties Republicans to elect Allyson Barbaria to the Town Board. If you need an absentee ballot or a ride to the polls, please call me at 
Joe Roberti Jr.
Chair, Saugerties GOP

Ciarlante—For the Record

During my campaign I have presented the facts on issues. I have questioned elected and political officials and considered plausible connections indicating behind-the-scene deals. Any public statements which I made were attributed the proper level of credence.
Former Democrat Chairman Mike Harkavy is reacting to the term “Demo-publican” which I coined to describe the collusion of leadership of the Democrat Party with two former chairmen of the Republican Party to endorse the re-election of left-leaning current Town Board members and supervisor. Harkavy recalls my reaching out to Democrat voters during their 2013 caucus many of which hold my same values. Is Mr. Harkavy attempting to prevent Democrats from supporting the ideals I hold and would practice as town supervisor? Specifically they are:
  1. Establishing a respectful relationship with constituents giving them adequate time and opportunities to be involved in local government;
  2. Making property taxes low and restoring Saugerties’ rating from the distressed category of fiscal ranking;
  3. Keeping a balance between conservation and the economy.
I have also endured Gaebel’s constant barrage against me, his attempts to dismiss this election beforehand, and repeating others’ false statements against me all while refusing to interview me until after the election.
I have discussed with
Time’s editor the article last week that states that I said four of the five Town Board members are involved in real estate, which is troubling given the amount of tax foreclosures in the town. This connection was not intended for all board members but based on a prior discussion between myself and the editor regarding connections between wealth and real estate. I have always believed that anyone holding the position of town supervisor should refrain from involvement in real estate business as there is an inherent conflict of interest.
I have questioned arms length transactions between Helsmoortel and buyers of real estate who serve on the Town Board. Billy Schirmer was not intended to be presented for suspicion and in discussing it with the editor we agreed to make that correction in this week’s
Times which I am doing at this time. However having made that correction and Schirmer, already informed of it, has chosen to send an overreaching letter attacking me. I have not scrutinized Schirmer’s positions on issues but now question why his delay of the anti- SAFE act resolution long enough to allow for a postponement which would bring it to a vote after the election? Why didn’t he bring the SAFE issue to the board after his election in 2013? It should have been brought by him to the board long before I requested the resolution. Now in private correspondence he is referring to it as an issue “not worth the time.”
Has he simply been embraced the Helsmoortel’s team in a desire to belong? But it is a team which does not have the best interest of the taxpayers as its priority. Voters, you can restore the proper priorities.
Vote Conservative candidates- Row C.
Gaetana Ciarlante
Conservative candidate for town supervisor

Ciarlante’s Record of Service

I have known Gaetana Ciarlante for over a decade. She is a life-long resident of the town of Saugerties and has only the best interest of Saugerties at heart. We worked together for our church but when the taxpayer subsidized housing project in 2011 threatened the well being of Saugerties it was Gaetana who first organized the opposition against the project and also resulted in the first defeat of Greg Helsmoortel.
Throughout this election Gaetana has not made any personal attacks against her opponent although he has been quoted in this paper as calling her derogatory names and the former chairman of the Democrat party criticized her for reaching out to Democrat voters in 2011. Gaetana is honest with factual information even when the facts do not reflect the popular opinion.
I have been a lifelong Republican since I was old enough to vote and I will vote for Gaetana because she is by far the better candidate for Saugerties. In August she ran in the Republican caucus but the back door deals caused her to lose that candidacy, though very narrowly. She continues to carry the banner as the Conservative candidate for town supervisor, an endorsement she received in June.
Gaetana’s kindness is easily seen in her participation in many civic volunteer groups among them Operation SOS (Support Our Servicepeople) which she began as a founding member and has continued directing since 2003 sending thousands of comfort items to deployed American military.
But above all Gaetana has been a watchdog for Saugerties taxpayers and will bring this to her role as town supervisor. She will continue to advocate for the taxpayers but more effectively and with greater authority as our town supervisor.
Please join me in voting for Gaetana Ciarlante for Saugerties town supervisor because you have a choice so choose the best.
Richard O’Gorman

Minew Deserves a Chance

Angie Minew has been a second mother to me since I’ve been 9. I’m now 16, turning 17 in February, and Angie has continued to have a constant relationship with me. I started going to her daycare center in fifth grade, I’m going to be a senior in high school next year. I also watch her kids regularly. Angie loves with her heart and cares deeply about her children, if they’re hers or are part of her daycare. She’s proven loyalty and dedication with her actions and with the other things she takes part in the community. She deserves the chance to represent Saugerties. After knowing Angie for over seven years, I know she will work hard and make positive changes to the town of Saugerties.
Alex Alvarez

Minew’s Merit

I was clued in to an internet poll you have launched regarding the two Ulster County Legislature District 2 candidates.
I know it’s just an online poll, and what really counts is next Tuesday’s turnout. But I am not surprised to see that Angie Minew is
way ahead of Chris Allen.
I guess that fact is that even though the news sources seem to keep forgetting to mention that he has been arrested and charged with a violent action against a school teacher who, along school children, was out doing a public beautification service, the people know and aren’t forgiving or forgetting.
I understand that at this point it is allegations, but facts include an arrest and charges filed… And those facts should be mentioned whenever a comparison or profile of the candidates is published… Because from a reader’s perspective, it feels like a political favor to leave it out of the discussion.
I guess, if I had the chance to address
Saugerties Times readers, I would tell them to put all the party lines and party issues aside and take a look at the real merit of each candidate.
I have personally spoken with Angie on multiple occasions, I have heard her address the Sportsmen’s federation member delegates on multiple occasions, and I believe she is a candidate worth backing.
I believe she is a real contributor. A person who is more concerned with representing her constituents’ interests a than with being a career politician, and I like that. That is the way our government was designed to be run.
And it seems to me that a people’s representative is especially in need in light of all the odd political happenings in Saugerties that look like obvious deal-making from where I stand.
She is a mom, a day-care business owner, a coach for two youth sports teams and a league coordinator for another youth sport, a School Board member, and the list of contributions to improving the quality of life for young people and the social fabric in the village goes on.
I am impressed with her “can-do” attitude and if I were in the district, (District 2 is Malden/Village/Barclay Heights areas), I would definitely give her my vote. As a resident of Ulster County I hope to have her looking out for us for the next two years.
I would say, vote your conscience, vote for who you feel is really going to look out for “the people,” not just make deals, and please show up and vote next Tuesday. To me the choice is clear.
And hey, for fun, maybe check out the poll and weigh in if you like. I am anxious to check it next Wednesday and see just how accurate it is.
Elmer LeSuer

Saugerties Needs Minew

Angie Minew is seeking election to join capable legislators Dean Fabiano and Mary Wawro as one of the Ulster County legislators for the town of Saugerties, a job that requires critical attention to a broad range of countywide and local issues. The position of county legislator is multi-faceted, and each legislator must be able meet the challenges associated with retaining and creating jobs, supporting education and health care, as well as controlling property taxes not only for Saugerties but for the benefit of Ulster County as a whole. While often regarded as a part-time position, this important position requires a full-time commitment. For someone like Angie, that commitment and dedication comes naturally — from the heart. Experienced, and knowledgeable, Angie is a lifelong resident of Ulster County. She is the owner and director of the Speckled Frog Playcare, a group family daycare and preschool program. In addition, Angie holds an associate’s degree from Ulster County Community College and is currently pursuing a degree in business at Marist College. Angie Minew is grounded in her community — a community she serves with compassion and dignity. A member of the Saugerties School Board and the BOCES School Board, she is clearly passionate about and involved in important educational issues. Angie also volunteers for several other organizations including the March of Dimes, the Drug Coalition of Saugerties, and the local food pantry. She demonstrates her support for local youth by serving as a coach for the Saugerties Little League and Saugerties Flag Football. Angie Minew is clearly a true leader in Ulster County. Her experiences and work are proof that she is committed to putting her neighbors first. Our community needs individuals like Angie Minew.
Pete Lopez
State Assemblyman, 102nd district

The Clear Choice

Next week, Saugerties residents will be faced with a choice as to who will represent us in the Ulster County Legislature. Although I have only known Angie Minew for approximately two years, she has impressed me with her eagerness to get involved in community activities and her feistiness in attacking problems with a no nonsense attitude yet always willing to listen to the opposing side in order to come to a resolution.
Angie is a valued member of the Saugerties School Board and has been vocal and not backed down on her stance against the Common Core Policy being pushed by our government.
Angie’s tenaciousness and penchant for getting involved in many activities that affect the residents of our community, along with being a business owner and full-time mother to three children, makes my choice for who to vote for very clear. It’s Angie Minew all the way!
James Bruno

The Right Stuff

I want to encourage Saugerties voters to cast their votes for Gaetana Ciarlante for town supervisor. Gaetana is a fearless leader with whom I have had the opportunity to work with on several projects. Her energy and devotion seem boundless, her creativity in finding solutions goes beyond the mundane . Her courage to stand up for what is right for her constituents makes her a valuable asset which will benefit the residents our town. I
am confident that she will serve as an excellent town supervisor.
Suzanne Van Wagenen

Time for New Faces

This week the voters of this great county and the Town of Saugerties get to go to the polls and exercise the power at the end of their fingers. They get to pick up a pencil and vote. Yes we have the power to make a difference if we only use it. Too many times we don’t use the gift given as a right by our wise forefathers. This year we are at a crossroads. Do we stay the course and keep up with business as usual while jobs stay away, people move away and our kids have to go away for school and for life? Or do we put in some new faces with new ideas while keeping in those who have performed well for us, their “employers”? Please voters, join with me and let’s move on to a better community a better county by restoring ours. Make it to the polls and support these fine candidates: Terry Bernardo for county executive, Norman Massry for State Supreme Court, Gaetana Ciarlante for Saugerties town supervisor, Dan Ellsworth and Allyson Barbaria for Saugerties Town Council, Doug Myer for Saugerties highway superintendent, for Ulster County Legislature Mary Warwo (District 1), Angie Minew Legislator (District 2) Dean Fabiano Legislator (District 3).
Ed Gaddy
Chair, Ulster County Conservative Party

Vote for Change

As a short response to Chris Allen’s letter to the editor, I admit to praising him during his first few months in office, as I honestly believed he was doing a good job. However, it didn’t take long to realize that I was wrong. Apparently he has either suffered a loss of memory, or just plain lies about our conversation … either way I will not waste time or space responding to his general denials, but I will respond to the denial about Sen. Amedore. Not only did he say these things, but he also said them many times and in the presence of many witnesses, including town officials. As to his arrest for assaulting a female or his erratic behavioral issues, he will be judged in a court of law. Enough said about this man.
More importantly, in just a few more days, voters will head to the polls to vote for the candidates of their choice.
If you are happy with the town officials and the status quo, then by all means vote for them. However, if you’re tired of high taxes, out-of-control spending, the handing out of big raises, hiring personnel for political gain, and hidden agendas, there is another way: Vote them out of office.
The time has come for change. It’s time to give the boot to the big spenders who control the purse— enough is enough! It’s time to elect responsible individuals who will put the people’s pocketbooks and their rights first before their own personal agendas. It’s time for candidates who will be informed voters; candidates who will make sure the public is well informed on any and all issues that come before it; prudent candidates who will watch every penny spent as though it were their own; candidates who will listen to you, the people, before making their decisions; and candidates willing to bite the bullet when necessary to avoid the out-of-control spending that has become the norm.
The Town Board has been controlled by a liberal majority long enough; it’s time for people to take our town back and put a stop to their big spending. Taxpayers have a golden opportunity to take back control of the over-spending by supporting the Republican-Conservative team.
I urge voters to get the vote out and support: Gaetana Ciarlante for town supervisor;
Allyson Barbaria and Dan Ellsworth to the Town Board; Doug Myer for highway superintendent; and Mary Wawro for District 1 legislator, Angie Minew for District 2 legislator and Dean Fabiano for District 3 legislator. Vote Row C.
George Heidcamp
Chairman, Saugerties Conservtive Party