. . .Returning Government to the People, One Town at a Time


The first step in our effort to return government to the people is to elect candidates to office who will adhere to the Conservative Principles outlined on the Home Page. To achieve that, we endorsed the following candidates (who went on to be elected) that had either proven themselves worthy by past actions or had shown promise for future actions.

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For Supervisor — Gaetana Ciarlante

About Gaetana:

Gaetana Ciarlante is a true Saugerties native. Her grandfather began as a foreman in the Washburn Brickyards in Glasco, and her father a teamster before the unions existed. From those humble beginnings, her family was able to start an ice and coal business and later an oil delivery business delivering to the homes, restaurants and taverns of our community. Her maternal grandmother started the Pesce Bakery in Katsbann during 1920’s which is still in operation today. The traits of being a hard worker, self-reliant and independent were passed to Gaetana. She passed these traits to her son who was Valedictorian of his SHS graduating class and graduated with honors from Harvard and Northwestern. As a single parent Gaetana earned her Masters Degree from SUNY Albany and served as a supervisor for Ulster County in the areas of Forensics, Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

She is active in organizing around community issues, a strong Second Amendment advocate, and is serving her 13th year as founder-director of Operation SOS, a not-for-profit voluntary 5013c which supports American deployed service people and veterans. Other memberships include:

American Legion Auxiliary
Saugerties Fish and Game Club
Saugerties Power Boar Association
St. Joseph’s Music Ministry (Director)
St. Joseph’s Altar Rosary Society
SACRED: Saugerties Assertive Citizens for Responsible Economic Development (organizer)

In 2010 Gaetana swam across the Hudson River at Ulster Landing Road. She is seeking a team to repeat this challenge applying all safety measures as in 2010.

For more information, visit www.ciarlanteforsaugerties.com

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For Town Board — Allyson Barbaria

Allyson ‘Mauro’ Barbaria was born in Kingston, NY on October 22, 1970.  As a child, Allyson attended Mt. Marion and Riccaradi Elementary Schools and is a graduate of Saugerties High School.  
Between 1994 and 2004, she spent time at home with her two small children while her husband attended extended law enforcement and military academies. During that time, Allyson became self-reliant and quickly learned how to remedy any situation on her own. On August 1, 2004, her husband deployed to Iraq. Although it was his second deployment overseas, this would be the longest, and most strenuous.  It was during those tense times her tenacity and "can do" attitude were born and developed into the strong-willed, honest, trustworthy, responsible woman who takes pride in every aspect of her life. 
Allyson can often be seen tackling projects most women wouldn’t dream of. Her boys refer to her as a tomboy, although you would never get that impression at first glance. She is always surrounded by a potpourri of great friends, with a smile on her face.
Allyson has mastered the ability to bring opposite opinions to the table and is a firm believer in fair play, equal opportunity, and is pro-education.  She will do her best to keep the taxpayers' hard earned money in their pockets, balancing the needs of the citizens with justifiable expenditures. 
Allyson is employed at Merck CPAs & Consultants in Kingston, NY and still resides in Saugerties with her husband of 23 years, Lou, and their three children; Louie, 21, Marcello, 19, a US Navy Seabee, and Giorgio, 6.
ALLYSON is ready TODAY for the Saugerties of tomorrow!

for more information, visit

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For Town Board — Dan Ellsworth

Dan is a lifelong Ulster County resident, born and raised in Kingston and married into Saugerties in 1975 where he has been a homeowner ever since. His wife Maryann and he raised three very successful sons, all business owners with residences in Saugerties. Dan has spent his entire career as a small business owner-operator in Saugerties.

Dan believes everyone should give something back to their community (and not just taxes). Over the years Dan has coached T-ball, donated time to the Saugerties fleamarket that raise money for improvements at Cantine Field, was president of the nonprofit Saugerties Water Company, and served several years as a commissioner of the Centerville Fire District. In 1989 Dan was the Conservative/Republican candidate for town supervisor. ‘

Dan has been active in the Saugerties Conservative Party since Gloria Shovel was supervisor. If you remember Gloria as supervisor, congratulations on being a senior citizen. He believes in open, accessible government, fiscal restraint and balanced budgets. Now in semi-retirement, Dan has the time and life experience to be an asset to Saugerties and its town board.

Why did Dan decide to seek a seat on the town board?

Because the people of Saugerties deserve to have a choice.

The voters of Saugerties should be very concerned when a few politically-influential people make a back room deal that guarantees the incumbents will win. A few people abused our political system so that only one set of names would appear on our election ballots, the incumbents. It can't be because the incumbents have been fabulous public officials. Look at your tax bill, drive around town and look at the
foreclosures, abandoned property, and homes for sale. Read the New York State Comptroller's report, Saugerties has the fourth worst finances out of all the municipalities in New York State. The existing town board just doesn't get it. The days
of spend and tax, spend and tax, spend and tax ended with a 2% tax cap. When a town board votes on a significant pay raise for a public official at the last minute with little or no public discussion, they need to go. Not that the raise wasn't deserved, it is the process that was disgusting. My favorite pet peeve is the board using our tax dollars to pay a grant writer to apply for grant to build a trail between Cantine Field and Seamons
Park. Their reasoning it will be nice for the people and it will make us more attractive to a business looking to relocate, besides it's not going to cost us anything it's a state grant. Really! This is why we're at the bottom of the Comptroller's report. First we have to understand state grants are not free money, they are a politician stealing your tax dollars with one hand while giving it back to you usually with strings attached with the other hand. Now if we build the trail, us taxpayers are going to have to pay to maintain it. In actuality it will be just like all the other trails in our area, NOT MAINTAINED. In any case we have a beautiful urban trail between the two parks already, the village sidewalks. Maybe we should call it like it is A HORSE TRAIL!

Gaetana Ciarlante, Alysson Barbaria, Angie Minew and myself, with the backing of the Conservative Party, are giving the people of Saugerties a choice. Give change a chance.

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For Highway Department — Doug Myer

Doug is a lifelong resident of the Town of Saugerties, residing in the hamlet of Mt. Marion. He and his wife Sue are proud to live in the family homestead which has been occupied by the Myer family uninterrupted since the early 1700s.
Doug and Sue have been married for 39 years and have two daughters Heather and Lisa and have been blessed with four wonderful grandchildren.
Over the past 44 years Doug has been involved in heavy construction from creating new infrastructures to maintaining and refurbishing existing ones.
Doug's expertise in the field of site work and highway construction has been utilized in many local and long distance municipal and commercial projects. Geographically the projects ranged from as far north as the Canadian border to as far south as Baltimore, Maryland. He has considerable knowledge operating within budgets on town, county and state levels through years of experience in management and supervisory positions.
Doug always strives to maintain a harmonious working environment for employees while accomplishing the tasks at hand in a safe and professional manner. Doug believes his experience and expertise in management, employee relations, purchasing and maintaining equipment along with his knowledge of building and maintaining public roads will be a true asset to the town and its taxpayers.
Doug is seeking his 3rd consecutive term as Highway Superintendent in the November 2015 election.

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For Legislator (District 1) — Mary Wawro
[taken from Ulster County website]

Being around children is a common theme for Mary Wawro and this makes her ever mindful of the future. Mary realized that her love of, and dedication to her own children, along with her family management skills, proved she was well suited for providing daycare to others. This labor of love became Mary’s Little Lambs Day Care which has been successfully serving Saugerties parents for over twenty years.
In operating a successful small business, Mary has mastered the skills of task management, maintaining rigorous licensing and child daycare regulations, and customer service. Mary knows first-hand that small businesses are the backbone of this country and that Ulster County needs to do more to support and draw in small businesses entrepreneurs.
As a single mother and now grandmother, Mary understands the difficulties of running a household in Ulster County, the lack of decent paying jobs, and the way taxes have adversely affected people’s basic need for housing. Mary juggled household and business duties with being a room mother at her children’s school, a den mother for Cub Scouts, and a Girl Scout Leader. Mary taught religious education classes at her church and worked on her church’s program to help those in need.
The daughter of Bill and Irene Geick, Mary grew up in the Blue Mountain hamlet of western Saugerties and graduated from Saugerties High School. In her younger days, Mary worked in her dad’s beer and soda discount stores; where she gained an appreciation for hard work as well as running a small business. Mary is the proud mother of five wonderful children: Joshua, Katrina, Alek, Natasha, and Nadia and two beautiful granddaughters, Charlie and Franceska. It is her granddaughters’ future that motivates Mary to become involved and help forge positive changes for her neighbors in Ulster County.

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For Legislator (District 2) — Angie Minew

Angie Minew is a life long resident of Ulster County. She was born in Kingston NY and a graduate of Ellenville high school while attending early admissions at Ulster County Community College and living on her own since 17 years old. Angie Minew has always been involved in her community, while in school she worked on Town Supervisor campaigns and was her class president for 6 years.

She worked seven years with mentally disabled adults advocating for their rights and the rights of her coworkers. During that time she became a single mother, having a child born ten weeks early and only weighing 1lb-14.8oz.  

With two daughters Angie pursued her degree at Marist for communications in business. She met her husband as a career change called as she pursued insurance and investments.

In 2008 Angie recognized the need to build a strong moral foundation in her children's lives. She opened Speckled Frog Playcare. She has loved, cared, educated and demonstrated important fundamental values to well over 80 children within the Saugerties community.

With 3 children Emelia, Fiona, Jackson and Raymond, her husband was ready to take on the challenges an independent woman brought to the table the couple said "I do" on October 1, 2011.

If being a mom, wife, and business owner were not enough Angie has also been a Girl Scout troop leader,pitcher for  community softball team, AYSO coach for over 5 years, Saugerties little league coach/team manager and she currently has duel roles representing Saugerties on the Saugerties School Board where she is chair of the policy and transportation committee and member on the Ulster Boces Board of education where she is on the policy and audit committee.

Angie advocates strongly for all Americans’ rights to educated voting. March of Dimes and organ donor registration are two topics she is very passionate about.

Angie believes that the outcome is all about what you put in. She is a firm supporter in less government control over our daily life with a bipartisan approach in defending the US Constitution.

Angie is one for authenticity in representation, transparency, and doing what's right even if it's against the popular vote.

For more information, visit

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For Legislator (District 3) — Dean Fabiano
[taken from Ulster County website]

By day, Legislator Dean Fabiano has worked the past 35 years for the Town of Saugerties as a Motorized Equipment Operator and in the evenings, since 2005, he has been bringing his skills and knowledge to the County’s policy making body.  His public works experiences gives Dean a smooth transition into his role as Chairman of the Public Works and Capital Projects Committee. 
Dean has served on the Board of Directors for the Ulster County Community Action Agency, Saugerties Lions Club, and as an honorary member of the Town of Saugerties Recreation Advisory Committee.  Dean earned a reputation as a responsive and responsible representative.  This personal approach and his heart felt love of his community shows in everything he does. 
In his role as County Legislator, Dean has supported the consolidation of several departments, encouraging efficient operation and saving tax dollars.  He worked to pass an improved recycling law, supported the creation of a Global Warming Advisory Committee and has been praised for his bipartisan approach to solving county budget problems.  Dean understands that government leaders need to work together to continually stimulate the local economy and create good paying jobs.  He also supports reforms in waterway maintenance to prevent future flooding issues.
Prior to his work with the Town of Saugerties, Dean worked with local area contractors.  Dean is a father of two daughters and the delighted newlywed to Lori.  The entire family continues to reside in Saugerties.
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For District Attorney — Holley Carnright

District Attorney Carnright
  • Saugerties High School 1970
  • Union College B.A. 1974
  • Suffolk University School of Law J.D. 1977
  • Assistant District Attorney Ulster County 1978
  • Chief Assistant District Attorney Ulster County 1979
  • Carnright Law Firm 1982-2007
  • Assistant Public Defender Ulster County 1982-2007
  • Ulster County District Attorney 2008
Former Professional Affiliations:
  • Instructor, Ulster County Community College
  • Arbitrator, NYS Arbitration System
  • Founding Member Committee on Alternatives to Incarceration
  • NYS Sheriff's Association
  • Ulster County Arson Task Force
  • Association Trial Lawyers of America
  • Association of NYS Trial Lawyers
Current Professional Affiliations:
  • Ulster County Police Chiefs Assoc.
  • NYS Association of District Attorneys
  • Ulster County Bar Association
  • Member NYC Police Dept. Operation Sentry Northeast Regional Counterterrorism Coalition
  • Ulster County Interagency Council on Domestic Violence