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Oct 2015

Last Minute Additions

The "talk of the town" right now centers on a political postcard that has been mailed to many Saugerties' residents. The postcard shows the Chris Allen mugshot and encourages voting women to say "No" to "assault," "misogyny" and "Chris Allen." Several people feel..and have said… that the card was created by a person associated with the Conservative Party.

Saugerties Conservative Party candidates have been scrupulous in their determination to distribute clean, positive and informative campaign material.

To see the postcard, as well as Conservative candidates' ads, click the picture:


For Angie Minew's audio-visual message, click the picture below:


Just a Few More Days

We are now in the last week before election. First, the following item is the final letter-to-the editor for this election season:

Just a Few More Days
As a short response to Chris Allen’s letter-to-the-editor, I admit to praising him during his first few months in office, as I honestly believed he was doing a good job. However, it didn’t take long to realize that I was wrong. Apparently he has either suffered a loss of memory, or just plain lies about our conversation ...either way I will not waste time or space responding to his general denials, but I will respond to the denial about Senator Amedore. Not only did he say these things, but he also said them many times and in the presence of many witnesses, including town officials. As to his arrest for assaulting a female or his erratic behavioral issues, he will be judged in a court of law. Enough said about this man.
More importantly, in just a few more days, voters will head to the polls to vote for the candidates of their choice.
If you are happy with the town officials and the status quo, then by all means vote for them. However, if you’re tired of high taxes, out-of-control spending, the handing out of big raises, hiring personnel for political gain, and hidden agendas, there is another way: vote them out of office.
The time has come for change. It’s time to give the boot to the big spenders who control the purse—enough is enough! It’s time to elect responsible individuals who will put the people’s pocketbooks and their rights first before their own personal agendas. It’s time for candidates who will be informed voters; candidates who will make sure the public is well informed on any and all issues that come before it; prudent candidates who will watch every penny spent as though it were their own; candidates who will listen to you, the people, before
making their decisions; and candidates willing to bite the bullet when necessary to avoid the out-of-control spending that has become the norm.
The town board has been controlled by a liberal majority long enough; it’s time for people to take our town back and put a stop to their big spending. Taxpayers have a golden opportunity to take back control of the over-spending by supporting the Republican-Conservative team on November 3rd.

I urge voters to get the vote out and support: Gaetana Ciarlante for town supervisor; Allyson Barbaria and Dan Ellsworth to the town board; Doug Myer for highway superintendent; and Mary Wawro for District 1 legislator, Angie Minew for District 2 legislator and Dean Fabiano for District 3 legislator.

Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Tuesday November 3rd.
Vote ROW C

Second, our well-respected and much-admired Assemblyman, Pete Lopez, wrote a glowing letter of endorsement for our County Legislator candidate, Angie Minew, who is attempting to unseat Chris Allen.
Read Pete's letter here.

And, finally, study the ballot and familiarize yourself with the candidates that have been endorsed by the Saugerties Conservative Party.

Click ballot to view an enlarged copy

Vote Conservative
Vote Row C - Straight Across

You Can’t Believe a Word Chris Allen Says

As if he doesn’t have enough female problems, Chris Allen strikes again; he just can’t keep his mouth shut. On Friday, October 12th, at the Target store in Kingston, he was overheard bashing his female opponent Angie Minew, once again calling her “stupid,” “uneducated,” as well as several other disparaging comments. Unbeknownst to him and surely without any expectation of privacy, his remarks were being audio recorded.
But that’s not all. Here are a few more belittling comments that he posted on his Facebook page about Angie Minew:
  • He states that she is a liar;
  • He claims that when she talks, she “fumbles” around with her words;
  • He mocked her spelling of DA Holly Carnright.
    He jumps at each and every opportunity to insult and degrade her. It’s obvious, and as previously suggested, Chris Allen gives the absolute impression that he has some serious issues with women. On April 20th, Chris Allen was notified by the Conservative Party’s Vice-Chair, Gaetana Ciarlante, that the Party would be conducting interviews on May 5th for those seeking the Conservative line. On May 1st, Chris sent Vice-Chair Ciarlante the following e-mail:
    After some self-evaluation of my options, I have decided to stick with the straight-up endorsements that I already have or will receive up front in this election cycle. In addition, there is a limit as to how many straight-up party endorsements that I can receive as a candidate in NYS.” *
    He was advising us that he would not be seeking our line, but panic struck once he learned that his likely opponent would be a female—Angie Minew, who was
seeking the Republican and Conservative Parties' endorsement. So, he sat back and waited for Angie to collect all her petitions and then quietly and in a sneaky manner, waited until the very latest date possible and filed his OTB petitions; forcing a costly primary, to boot.
Chris Allen lied to and deceived us, telling us that he was not seeking our line but he just couldn’t stand the thought of a female candidate running against him. His entire campaign thus far has been spreading lies and bashing Angie Minew with every opportunity. Why? What kind of a man would do such things to a female opponent? His behavior has been unethical, unprofessional and out of control. Perhaps it’s time for him to step down. Yet, in spite of all of Mr. Allen’s rants, raves, lies and bashing of Ms. Minew, she has conducted a clean and positive campaign.
Every dust-up or incident that comes to light about Chris Allen involves a woman. He appears to have a problem with the opposite sex and I have to wonder if his voting record has been, or will be, prejudiced by that “problem.” I ask voters NOT to support Chris Allen—experience, as well as other anecdotal information shows that he just cannot be trusted. I certainly do not want this man to represent me any longer in the Legislature. Please support Angie Minew, a diligent, knowledgeable and upstanding woman who will stand up and fight for us in District 2—and will represent all of us equally, regardless of gender.
Please vote for Angie Minew, ROW C, and November 3rd.

Just a Matter of Great Importance

Over the past 4 years I have informed the public about serious issues concerning Saugerties.

In this penultimate letter to the Saugerties Times I will not attempt to recap those issues but rather one that encompasses the greatest concern over the governing practices of the current Town Supervisor; one  which demonstrates that he has lost his moral compass and has lost any concern about the relationship between government and the governed:
Supervisor Helsmoortel continues to justify the practice of the Town Board passing resolutions without informing the public as long as all the other four town board members are in agreement to do so. During 2015 the current Town Board passed over a half dozen resolutions including creating new positions, hiring for town positions and establishing new advisory boards without informing the public.

The colonists did not revolt against the tyranny of the British to replace it with tyranical behavior of local town boards. As Town Supervisor I will require that all agenda items (barring emergencies beyond human control) will be made available to the public on Fridays preceding Wednesday town board meeting. This will allow sufficient time for interested parties to plan to attend and if desired plan a response.

On November 3 send a message to the Saugerties Demo-publican Cartel and vote Conservative on Row C.

Gaetana Ciarlante,
Conservative Candidate Saugerties Town Supervisor

That was Then, This is Now - Admitting My Mistakes

Nineteen months ago, following their election to office, I sent e-mails to the Town Board and Chris Allen thanking both Helsmoortel and Allen for working together with our Conservative-backed candidates, Bill Schirmer and Jim Bruno. It was a relief to see a supervisor working harmoniously with our candidates and in a transparent way. Unfortunately, that level of transparency seems to have changed somewhat since then.  

In addition, I gave credit to newly-elected county legislator, Chris Allen, for attending town and school board meetings, an act mostly lacking in past legislators.  I believe  in giving credit when and where it is due.   In all fairness to those past legislators, being unemployed and living with his mother, afforded Allen the extra time to attend all those meetings.   

All of that was nineteen-months ago but, sadly, it was short lived.  Since then, and particularly during the past year, Allen’s attendance at meetings dropped considerably….I guess the novelty’s worn off.  I subsequently began monitoring Allen’s voting record and seemingly strange behavior and began to see a person much different from the one he presented at the start of his political career, a much more peculiar one.  

I had a concern about Chris Allen’s behavior which became especially evident when he  heard that a female candidate would be running against him, especially on the Conservative line.   Every time I "ran into him," he pounded his chest, King Kong-style, and bragged about how great he is, how loved he is by everyone and how he is going to "kick [our] female candidate’s butt.”  Then he bragged about how he was going to "take out" Senator George Amedore next, referring to him as a “baboon,” calling him incompetent, etc., and stating that he is the only candidate that could beat him.  I actually got tired of hearing the man’s rants.

Then, the next thing I knew, he was being arrested for assaulting a female teacher in the presence of students and other witnesses. Finally, after the League of Women Voters debate between himself and Conservative candidate Angie Minew, Allen immediately followed up with a posting to his Facebook page, writing that his opponent (Minew) was “totally out of it…unqualified, uneducated and uniformed," and writing that he wondered why she would make an attempt to run for public office.

In view of the above, I have totally changed my opinion about Chris Allen from the one I had nineteen-months ago. Now that I’ve seen a little more of him, this my opinion:  

The “war on women” exists right here in Ulster County and is being waged by none other than local misogynist Chris Allen. First there was his arrest for assaulting a woman and now he’s verbally assaulting his opponent….another woman, of course. His comments on Facebook were unprovoked, nasty, untrue and indicative of the arrogant and obnoxious facets of his personality. He obviously has an issue with women….one has to wonder what’s next….and wonder even more about what has yet to be uncovered from his past.

Chris Allen obviously had me fooled but he’s not fooling me now and voters would be wise not to allow him to fool them into voting for him again.

Chris Allen's Voting Record for His 19- Months of Service


It’s an eye-opener, click here to read


The League of Women Voters will present its town board and supervisor debates tomorrow, Thursday, October 8th from 7-9 p.m.

The debate will be held at the Frank Greco Senior Center, Market Street, Saugerties.

Conservative candidates, Gaetana Ciarlante for supervisor and Allyson Barbaria and Dan Ellsworth for council, are expected to shine!

Amedore and Minew


New York State Senator George Amedore came to Town. Pictured here, at Town Hall, Senator Amedore and Angie Minew, Conservative candidate for County Legislator in District 2, stop talking long enough to have their picture taken.

Chris Allen Attacks Women Right and Left

Shortly after the League of Women Voters debate, the following item was gratuitously posted on Facebook by Chris Allen:


The “war on women” exists right here in Ulster County and is being waged by none other than local misogynist Chris Allen. First there was his arrest for assaulting a woman and now he’s verbally assaulting his opponent….another woman, of course. His comments on Facebook were unprovoked, nasty, untrue and indicative of the arrogant and obnoxious facets of his personality. He obviously has an issue with women….one has to wonder what’s next….and wonder even more about what has yet to be uncovered from his past.

About Gaetana

About Me

In 2011, I was asked to help my fellow Saugerties residents fight an affordable housing project. As a Saugerties native who cares about her town, I accepted and it was something to which I devoted myself entirely. In my graduate studies I learned community organizing, so it was not foreign to me. I had been an active member and organizer and, as part of the Hudson Valley Alliance, helped to fend off the nuclear power plant in Cementon and since then I have been active in other movements including repeal of the S.A.F.E. Act.

As a clinical social worker experienced in forensics, drug treatment and group and family therapy, I have learned that thinking outside of the box leads to effective solutions. I have always admired the gifts that others can bring in solving problems. We humans are less than perfect and I believe that it is not the role of government to mold the individual and oppose government taking a micromanaging approach to its constituents, from children to the elderly. I believe in applying equal treatment, equal taxes and denying special favors to big businesses and so-called affordable housing projects through tax breaks, and other special privileges. What follows is identification of problem areas, all of which this town board has engaged itself.

    Government controls and zoning are becoming increasingly mandated by the state and the town board behaves as enforcers of the state; while what is really needed is a governing body that will advocate against increased mandates and controls. Advisory boards are appointed and apply a crucial voice in deciding policy and what we are permitted to do on and with our property. Some boards are run or advised by people who are not Saugerties residents. Some are designing controls over the use of our personal gardens, rainfall, domestic animals and livestock and they are doing so at a time when food prices are soaring without regard for the impact on human survival. In Karl Marx’ terminology “the means of production” are being controlled for greater and continued government dependency. While the individuals on these boards are usually kind and want to help, they are often unaware of the bigger picture. It is the role of the Town Supervisor to see the big picture and the consequences.

    The town pays its grant writers handsomely by the hour. The town board must consider the real cost of grants on which our town government has become addicted as it thirsts for more money and power rather than becoming lean, trim and adaptable.

    Residents on the west side of the railroad tracks have been blocked from emergency vehicles during train-crossings for decades. Though only a few minutes, it can be a matter of life or death. There are several straightforward solutions but the problem seems to have been ignored while lights on the baseball fields have been given attention.

    Direct Communication and Advocacy: In 2012, I made an unplanned personal visit to the NY State Office of Housing and Community Renewal and subsequently received a prompt favorable response to my request, one for which we had received no response through more conventional means. This sort of advocacy and communication is lacking. Who advocates for the Saugerties residents?

    It is rare to see a county legislator present at town board meetings but communication needs to occur with this body once known as the Board of Supervisors. Recently the Ulster County Legislature banned restaurant use of Styrofoam containers. There was no discussion of this at our town level though the impact will reach into the pockets of all restaurant owners and be passed on to its customers. Our town businesses and taxpayers are experiencing death by a thousand cuts.

    Give Change a Chance: This year the Conservative Party provides the only choice for ousting the Demo-publican Cartel placed on the Saugerties voters in their attempt to keep the status quo. It is unclear and unfortunate how this came about but I have discussed this in previous letters.

    We know the best way to ascertain one’s intent is to follow the money. One must wonder who benefits from the continued fiscal recklessness which, coupled with lack of jobs, presents an extreme crisis for Saugerties residents. Surely the transfer of real property increases as homes are auctioned, foreclosed or sold as owners come to grips with the need to survive. It is those with substantial incomes such as some party bosses or politicians who can easily scoff them up paying only a fraction of their value. At this time 4 out of 5 of the town board members have made or make their money through the transfer of real estate. Follow the money and You be the judge.

    Rumor has it that Helsmoortel will soon retire to Maine and wants to help maintain "the old guard grip" on Saugerties. This is best accomplished by retiring before one’s term is complete and promoting a “chosen one” to incumbent status. This might explain the reason for the Demo-publican Cartel.
    Vote Row C: I am the Conservative candidate for town supervisor. As a party member, I live my life with conservative values and will bring them to the leadership of the Saugerties Town Board. Dan Ellsworth is the registered Conservative town council candidate. Remember, your voice and your vote will make an impact. Together we must make the difference that restores Saugerties.

    Gaetana Ciarlante,
    Candidate for town supervisor

    More on the Allen Assault, Comments from Independence Chair


    Saugerties Times had an article on the Chris Allen arrest. Click here to read

    Comments from Len Bernardo to members of the Indepence Party: