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Oct 2014

Message from Vice Chair on the Astorino-Moss Team


When many readers of this post head out on the roads this morning, they will find themselves greeted by 100 new signs for Rob Astorino for New York State Governor and Chris Moss for Lt. Governor.
Why would Dan Ellsworth and I, Conservative Party officials, personally put up more than 100 signs for the Astorino-Moss team on a crisp cold night into the wee hours of the next morning? Simple answer: It had to be done. In just one week before the election the voters must realize that there is an option to Cuomo's reign of terror. A few points:

  • Rob Astorino recognizes the importance of a strong economy and real job creation as opposed to the expansion of government bureaucracy and artificial creation of jobs, which increases taxes. Rob promotes attracting businesses and industry, which in turn creates real jobs and decreases taxes.

  • He has real experience as the Westchester County Executive that has been re-elected with a wide margin because of his ability to work with all people regardless of party affiliation. 

  • Rob Astorino holds fast to the Constitution. As such he is a supporter of the Second Amendment; He is against the (un)S.A.F.E. Act and has made it a priority to repeal this law that makes New Yorkers more vulnerable to crime. Chris Moss, Sheriff of Chemung County, holds an impeccable record as a leader as well as in the area of law enforcement. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Marist College and is President of the New York State Sheriff's Association. He will work toward making New York State safer and for a repeal of the (un)S.A.F.E. Act.

My personal favorite about this leadership team is their willingness to fight for their constituency. Rob Astorino has a history of fighting for private property rights. In Westchester County he has opposed the creation of more "housing projects." His opponent states that Westchester has lost millions of dollars—the truth behind this is that under Astorino's leadership, the county has challenged the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's requirement to build 750 low income housing units and to remake the neighborhoods of Westchester County to the liking of the federal government. Rob Astorino did not compromise the well-being of his constituents. He was not bought off with federal taxpayer money and the lure of grants (the money eluded to as being lost). This is the sort of leader we need for our governor! 
As for our current governor a New York Times article dated August 23, 2010, states,

"Mr. Cuomo was housing secretary at a critical moment for the nation, just as its subprime mortgage fever was beginning to spike. It was during his tenure that the banking industry began to embrace predatory loans, and these creations led to a housing bubble that badly damaged America’s banks and nearly toppled its financial system."
The full article can be found at

  • Astorino promotes local control of education and is opposed to Common Core. To summarize, the Astorino-Moss team is about bringing New York State to economic recovery and ending the mass exodus by lifetime New Yorkers, helping families stay together, and bringing back the industrious creative individuals who have fled New York for a safe and productive life.
Vote Row C on November 4 and remember that every vote counts.

Gaetana Ciarlante

Conservative Chairs Discuss NY's "un-S.A.F.E. Act"


Ed Gaddy and Hal Brilliant, Conservative Party chairs of Ulster and Dutchess Counties, respectively, deliver a message regarding the S.A.F.E. Act to sportsmen, gun-owners, and liberty-lovers of the Hudson Valley and New York State, to not only help get the vote out, but to encourage voting on the Conservative Party Line to send the message regarding the "unS.A.F.E. ACT." [
click here to watch video]

The Ballot is Here!

The 2014 ballot is now available for review. Click on the ballot below to go directly to the ballot for review. Candidates are shown on the first page of the ballot (the Conservative line is outlined in red) and the proposed Amendments/Propositions are shown on the second page.


Lisa Fisher has Conservative Endorsement

Lisa Fisher has been added to Candidates for 2014. You may read about her on the 2014 Candidates page. Click “read more,” below.

Message from the Chairman

Independent Voter

Over the past several years I've had many voters ask me questions about political parities and one of the questions asked most often is about the  "Independence Party."   The Independence Party is a political party.  It has its own set of  principles and platforms, as do all the other political parties.

Many people prefer not to belong to any political party per se— they do not select a party and are, therefore, classified as non enrolled voters (NE).   Unfortunately, on Election Day, many of these NE voters will vote on the Independence line  believing (erroneously) that they have chosen that line as an "independent voter."  Of course, that is not the case and they have actually voted on a political party line, the Independence Party, not an independent line. 

Again, each political party (Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Independence, Working Family, etc.)  has its own views, values and beliefs.  Look to see where your favorite candidates appear on other lines and make your selections accordingly.   And remember, an "independent voter" is exactly that, an independent voter who does not belong to any particular political party, and not a member of the Independence Party. 

All this has been said before but it bears repeating each and every election season.   It is being shared here to help those who may not have noticed, or misunderstood,  the difference between The Independence Party and an "independent" voter.  

Every political party has its own views, values and beliefs.   When a voter decides to cast his or her vote on any political line, that generally means that person agrees with and accepts that party's views, values and beliefs.   It may help to Google each one of these parties to familiarize yourself with what its political views and beliefs are before you vote— lest you be hoodwinked into a vote that goes against your own personal principles and beliefs.

Don't forget to get out and vote—carefully.  Remember, every vote counts.

George Heidcamp

Town Saugerties Conservative Party

Get Out the Vote!


Join Team Astorino and Chris Gibson for Congress this Sunday, October 19th for door knocking in Saugerties! Meet at 12pm at the McDonalds at 8 Manor Lane (Saugerties).
Sign Up Here! **Note: If it is raining, please assume the event is canceled**

Repeal the SAFE Act - Elect Like-Minded Officials

An Appropriate Sign Seen Around Town


New York's hastily passed "SAFE Act" has been wildly unpopular among many New Yorkers with a lawsuit having been brought alleging that the Act violates the Fifth, Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, as well as being discriminatory!

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