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Aug 2015

Letter to the Editor re: NY's S.A.F.E. Act

On January 15 , 2013 Governor Cuomo signed into law the New York State SA.F.E. act.  Those who have been following the erosion of Second Amendment know that it has little to do with safety but is a significant step toward disarming America. However, the S.A.F.E. act does make it safer for criminals to commit crimes. Since 2013 there have been numerous rallies against it, court cases, law suits, and proposed legislation to repeal the law. Many municipalities at town and county levels have passed resolutions to oppose the S.A.F.E. act thereby sending a message of opposition to Governor Cuomo, our state senators and our assemblymen. In March of 2013 Saugerties' attempt to pass a resolution repealing the SAFE act was hijacked by Democrat backed town councilmen and converted to a resolution which for the most part supported the S.A.F.E. act. Currently in Albany the attempt to repeal the SAFE act is tied up in committee.

In June 2015 the Ulster County legislature passed a resolution calling for Repeal of the SAFE act. It was the second such resolution as the first was done in March 2013 under the chairmanship of Terry Bernardo.  This past August 19, I requested of the Saugerties Town Board a resolution calling for the repeal of the SAFE act. Others have joined me throughout Saugerties by signing a petition for the same. Do not let your Second Amendment rights be forgotten about or continue to be buried in committee. Please contact the Saugerties Town Board and tell them you want the SAFE Act repealed.
Gaetana Ciarlante, 
Town Supervisor Candidate
Conservative Party and Reform Party

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over (Yogi Berra)

[submitted as Letter to the Editor]

Since 2013 I have been the frequent subjects of Klaus’ editorials but yet I have never met this self-proclaimed expert and boastful historian. Until that year I had never heard of him, but since then when I hear his named mentioned it is always with annoyance, like a pesky small fly that flits around enough to make a buzz but doesn’t accomplish much. Unlike other members of the press, Klaus does his mischievous work uninformed and reports rumors as facts which suggests a tone of cowardice. On the occasions when he is in visual range he is hurrying to rub elbows with the power mongers in the room, perhaps in hopes their status might rub off on him. During my 2013 campaign my personal visit to his home received no response.

Contrary to his claims I did not “lose big” in 2013 when there were only 446 registered Conservative voters in Saugerties and I received 1261 votes. That was 283% more than was expected! Simply arithmetic shows that it was Republicans and some conservative Democrats who crossed over their party lines to vote for me contrary to the confabulation of Klaus. Kelly Myers received 1982 votes but it was only 58 % of her party’s backing (3410 registered Republicans voters.) And even worse was Helsmoortel’s win with 2405 votes with a mere 54% from the 3 parties 4,425 enrollment which endorsed him. Do the math! My win was big time in that I received almost 3 times the amount of the Conservative party’s enrollment.

By calling Hellsmoortel “the obvious winner” he repeats the theft done by his idol on the Saugerties voters in their obvious attempt at controlling the election. He later repeats his acclamation that there “is not really going to be a supervisor race.” Why does he applaud this assault on democracy when he should be lamenting this occurrence? Though Helsmoortel may have the backing of 3 parties (would have been 4 if he had succeeded in getting Working Families) all things are possible especially with his continued record breaking spending.

In addition to robo calls, I contacted all GOP Committeemen personally and rank and file Republican voters some via phone, and letters. I contacted former supervisor Kelly Myers and asked for the good of the people of Saugerties that we work together. To date I have received no response from her. Considering that my opposition’s win was the combined work of 3 political machines: Catalinotto, Costello, and Helsmoortel the 19 vote lead that Klaus cites is nothing to brag about.

As a registered Democrat, Klaus’ reveling about the unraveling of the Republican Party is evident. Perhaps it is even more delightful to him that it is being orchestrated by Mike Catallinotto Sr., the GOP’s former boss, who left his veiled retirement from politics bringing with him 3 family members to the Republican Committee to control and silence the voice of the Republican Party.

Gaetana Ciarlante, Town Supervisor Candidate
Conservative Party and Reform Party

Repeal the SAFE act at the Next Town Board meeting- please forward

In June the Ulster County Legislature passed a resolution supporting repeal of the SAFE act. This past Wednesday on August 12 I asked the Saugerties Town Board to pass the same or similar resolution. Town Board member, Bill Schirmer, town board member, has said that he will move this along but is asking for more support from the gun owners. I am carrying a petition for all to sign and will present it at the next town board meeting on September 2 at 7pm. I ask that you plan to attend the meeting to show support. While this alone will not repeal the SAFE act we need to show the folks in Albany that we have not forgotten.

Gaetana Ciarlante, Candidate
Saugerties Town Board Supervisor

If you would like to help with the petition please call me at 845 246-3390.

Gaetana Ciarlante's Commentary on Republican Caucus

I wish to thank the Saugerties Republicans who voted for me for town supervisor at the Saugerties Republican caucus. The caucus was well run by Tom Turco and his staff from the Board of elections and I had no doubt that all was done fairly. Sadly at the end of the caucus remarks of disappointment could be heard from exiting Republicans stating that there was no longer a Republican party on Saugerties. The comment reflected the fact that only one out of 4 successful candidates was a Republican. One lady, Elenore, told me I was a winner because I challenged the Saugerties political machine of Helsmoortel, Catalinotto and Costello. Never the less Greg Helsmoortel did garner 27 votes more that I had.
The real losers are the people of Saugerties, who were robbed of their right to elect their representatives and, instead, had the same candidate shoved down their throats from both sides.  There’s something wrong with an “election” that offers but one candidate and the only choice the voter gets is which line to elect him on—it’s just not the American way. 
Because taxpayers should not be denied that “other” name to choose from, and with the full knowledge that not having one of the major parties backing me will make it difficult to win, I have decided to remain on the ballot on the Conservative line.  Voters need another choice and that other choice will be me. 
  • If you are unhappy with the current administration, vote for me;
  • If you are tired of tax-and-spend politicians, vote for me;
  • If you are tired of secrecy and dishonesty, vote for me;
  • If you don’t like the practice of special interest political party bosses with their own agenda, deciding who you will be permitted to vote for, vote for me;
  • But mainly, If you feel that I will do a better job, then certainly, vote for me.

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