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Meet & Greet with Paul Van Blarcum

The Ulster County and Saugerties Conservative Parties held a "Meet and Greet" with Paul Van Blarcum, incumbent candidate for Ulster County Sheriff. Paul is endorsed as best to serve by the Conservative, Republican and Independence parties, locally and county-wide. The event was held on October 18th, and was well-attended. Paul is very popular.

Pictured above, left to right, are Ed Gaddy (former UCCP Chairman), George Heidcamp (Town Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman, UCCP), Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum, Marie Crispell (Chairwoman, Town of Ulster) and John Crispell (former 2d Vice Chairman, UCCP)

Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum and George Heidcamp (Town Chairman and 1st Vice-Chair, UCCP)